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What’s It Like To Live In Portland?

Discover Portland’s Allure: Convincing Factors to Contemplate Relocating to this Distinctive City

Looking to Buy a House in Portland?

You’re not alone. The housing market in Portland has been volatile lately due to COVID-19 and the lack of inventory. There are many more buyers than there are available properties right now, but the inventory refreshes enough that if you are moving here to Portland for a job, you can still find a great home for you and your family!

7 Reasons to Move to Portland, Oregon

There are multiple reasons why Portland is a wonderful place to live and own a home, and here are just a few of them!

1. Portland is Green!

In multiple ways! Not only does the City of Portland emphasize the importance of respecting our environment and energy efficiency, but there are trees everywhere! Grocery stores don’t offer plastic bags, recycling bins are everywhere, and the city’s legislators pass laws to fund energy efficiency initiatives in underserved communities. Portland is the first city in America to pass a tax on large corporations to fund something like that!

2. The People Are Friendly

Portland is home to the famous Pacific Northwest’s friendly attitude. If you’re moving to Portland from a place like New York City, it may take a while to get used to the friendliness of strangers. Most Portlanders aren’t nice to strangers for some sort of ulterior motive, it’s just normal to be more open and less guarded around people here.

3. The Food Is Amazing

Living in Portland is a foodie’s dream. In fact, the latest season of Top Chef just began filming in our beloved city of roses! No matter what type of food you want, you can find it here in Portland: from Ethiopian to Cal-Mex to Thai street food to some of the best burgers of your life on Mississippi Avenue. And don’t forget the donuts. Portland is home of many different donut shops, including the famous downtown Voodoo Doughnuts! You could spend days sampling different donuts all around town.

If you have dietary requirements, such as an allergy to gluten or if you avoid all animal products, you can still enjoy Portland’s food scene. Many (if not most) restaurants have gluten-free menu items and both vegetarian and vegan friendly menus.

4. Nudity is No Problem

In Portland, nudity laws don’t apply in cases of protest. That’s why you’ll see an annual naked bike ride that can include up to 10,000 nude cyclists zooming around town. But don’t forget your helmet– while it’s legal to ride your bike naked in Portland, it’s illegal if you don’t wear a helmet. Additionally, the city of Portland has the most strip clubs per capita in the United States (over 50!). If you like body positivity and a lack of clothing, Portland may be the place for you!

5. There’s Always Something to Do

While many activities have been canceled or modified due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is always a lot to do in Portland. Many restaurants have adjusted to regulations and offer outdoor dining or meal kits to take home and cook with the family. While the rainy season is coming, the weather is still nice enough to enjoy the many trails at Forest Park or to take a trip to the Oregon Zoo. There are parks everywhere in Portland and the city is largely pedestrian friendly. So, even if you can’t go to a concert at the Moda Center for the time being, you can still explore the Japanese Gardens or take a walk in one of Portland’s many eclectic neighborhoods.

6. Public Transportation Makes Going Out a Breeze

Again, some people may not be comfortable using the MAX during the COVID-19 crisis, but the city of Portland has great options for public transportation. It can be tricky to get from some neighborhoods to others without taking a couple of different buses, but getting to and from a grocery store and other necessities likely won’t be an issue, even without a vehicle. Traffic can be intense on I-5, especially during high commute times in the morning and evening, but you can get from one end to the city to the other in 20 minutes with light traffic. Compare that with a place like Austin, Texas, where you can spend up to two hours in traffic on I-35 just to go 15 miles (24.14 km)!

7. Natural Beauty

The City of Portland is absolutely beautiful. Watch the boats go by on the Willamette River on a sunny afternoon or bask in the glory of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, clearly visible in good weather. The St. John’s Bridge is beautiful and connects Portlanders to Forest Park, a huge wilderness area with multiple hiking trails and fun destinations, like the Witch’s Castle (an abandoned stone house) or various waterfalls.

Dare We Say More? Call Paris Group Realty

These are obviously not the only reasons to move to Portland, Oregon. We’re close to the Pacific Ocean and the Pearl District hosts so many cool shops and restaurants. Local bands play at venues all over the city and if you’re a basketball fan, you’ll love catching the Trailblazers when things go back to normal. If you’re ready to look for real estate in the Rose City, make sure to call the professional realtors at Paris Group Realty! Come find out why Portland is one of the best places to live on the West Coast!

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