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Lively Alberta Arts District in Northeast Portland, Oregon, Has Something for Everyone

Explore the Unique Alberta Arts District: Art, Food, and Community Await

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (December 14, 2022) Portland, Ore. – Located 15 minutes from downtown, Portland, Oregon, along NE Alberta Street, the Alberta Arts District is within the Vernon, Concordia, and King neighborhoods. Though “Alberta” by name is not technically recognized as a standalone neighborhood, it is surrounded by established neighborhoods including Woodlawn, Sabin, King, Vernon, Alameda, Sunderland, Cully, and Beaumont-Wilshire. Wandering down NE Alberta’s tree-lined streets, residents and visitors can find colorful murals and historic, wood-framed storefronts that give the entire area a distinctively independent vibe.

“If you’re looking for something entertaining to do over the weekend or the upcoming holidays,” said Paris Group Realty, LLC Owner and Principal Broker, Claire Paris, “I recommend taking your own ‘Alberta Arts Street Tour’ to find unique gifts, great restaurants, and local artwork created right here in Portland.”

“Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and start your journey on an empty stomach,” Claire said. “I love the fact that the Tin Shed Garden Café is canine-friendly, and I can enjoy brunch on their patio with my dog, Bruno. Shops like Green Bean Books, Frock, and Collage have such great gift ideas for my nieces and nephews. It’s so much more fun than shopping online.”

Features of Alberta Street

Here are some of the unique features you’ll find in the Alberta Arts District:

  • One of the oldest sections of Portland, the Alberta Arts District has distinct earth tones and motifs quite different from other areas in Portland. It reflects Latino, Asian, and African American heritages, and cultures.
  • The Alberta Arts District is a welcoming location for residents and visitors alike. The district’s street festival, Last Thursday, celebrates art, food, and community, and takes place on the last Thursday of every month. Local businesses and restaurants along Alberta Street stay open late for the festival, making it a relaxed and enjoyable event for all who attend.
  • There are many newly renovated retail storefronts and restaurants mixed in with older businesses, making it a trendy focus on independent designers, handcrafted items, and one-of-a-kind boutiques.
    Alberta art galleries feature local artists and showcase some of the finest local artwork found in Portland, Oregon.
  • You’ll find lots of coffee shops throughout Portland, and Alberta is no exception. Large box retailers and big-name coffee shops are kept at bay to preserve the funky individuality and unique experience found in the district.
  • In the Alberta Arts District, nearly every business – from restaurants and pubs to retail shopping stores – functions as a gallery with artists being featured on their walls. Here visitors can understand the full nature of this community’s appreciation and devotion to art.
  • Most of the shops lining Alberta Street highlight handmade local designer clothing, and arts and crafts supplies including fabric and yarn.
  • Many of the area’s small business owners are also its neighbors, and they have a vested interest in making this district work. They are patrons of each other’s establishments, and they recommend one another. In Portland’s Alberta Arts District, businesses situated closely together provide the opportunity to grow and thrive as a group instead of thinking of each other as fierce competitors.

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