PDX 411

Learn About Portland

  • www.portlandonline.com - The City of Portland website. Find out about neighborhoods, job opportunities, recycling, general stats and more here. Very comprehensive.
  • www.portlandalliance.com - Portland business alliance website; doing business in Portland.
  • www.oregonlive.com- The website of the Oregonian newspaper; local news, restaurant reviews and more.
  • www.travelportland.com - The Portland Oregon Visitors Association site.
  • www.trimet.org - Portland public transit; Max and Bus schedules, trip maps & more.
  • www.flypdx.com - Portland international airport (PDX) website.
  • www.oregonmetro.gov -Website of Portland's regional goverment Metro.Metro handles many duties including land use, and recycling. Green living tips can also be found on this site.

Research a Neighborhood or Property

  • www.portlandmaps.com - City of Portland sponsored site. Find property tax info, schools,crime maps, permit information on specific properties. A must see site for any property you are considering buying within PDX city limits.
  • www.deq.state.or.us/lq/tanks/hot - Find information on underground oil
  • oil tanks, decomissioning and more. Department of Environmental Quality site.
  • www.portlandconnected.com - Learn about neighborhoods, how the city is laid out, and much more.
  • www.walkscore.com - Rates "walkability" of local neighborhoods by property address; scores based on available shopping, parks, schools & services.

Green Living Resources

Oregon Buyer's Advisory

Oregon Buyer's Advisory - The Oregon Buyer's Advisory is produced by the Oregon Realtors Association. It is full of useful information and links on what to expect and look for during the buying process. A must read prior to buying your home!

HUD Guide to Financial Literacy

HUD Guide - Need some information on financial basics and beyond? The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has a wealth of information and links to give you the information you need to help you create a more secure financial future.