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Hardscape vs. Softscape

Enhancing Property Value and Appeal Through Thoughtful Yard Design

A well-done yard can add real money to your property’s value. A lot goes into planning a perfectly manicured lawn, but there are so many other options for garden design. The key is making sure there is a balance of the hardscape and softscape.

Hardscape is any of the manmade elements in your yard: driveways, walkways, sidewalks, pavers, patios, rocks, bricks, and more. Softscape is the green: flowers, vegetables, trees, bushes, and shrubs. The goal of keeping these two balanced is that you want your yard to look put together (hardscape) but also peaceful and inviting (softscape).

Landscaping can get expensive, so you have to plan out what you want. Always start with the hardscape – this is much harder to change and move around. You can then add in softscape and continue adding over time.  You can focus on having seasonal bursts of color, or focus on blooms in every season.  You can have different styles as well: peaceful, playful, formal, the sky is the limit!

It’s important to keep a balance because too much of one can compromise your curb appeal and could potentially affect your property’s value. If you have a small yard, you can add things like container gardens and hanging plants. If you have a large yard, setting areas with pavers or a deck can help define the space.

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