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Email Client Safe Sender List Instructions

To Ensure Uninterrupted Email Delivery, Safeguard Your Inbox by Following the Safe Sender List Instructions

Safe Sender List

To continue receiving uninterrupted emails from Paris Group Realty, LLC, add the “from” email address of communications you receive from us to your email client safe sender list. This will help reduce the likelihood of our emails going into your junk/spam folders.

Email Client Safe Sender List Instructions


Highlight the email address, then click “add contact” in the drop-down menu.

For more details about AOL mail, please visit the AOL Support page.

Apple Mail (OSX)

Open the email and right-click the sender’s email address. Choose “Add to Contacts” or “Add to VIPs.”

You can visit the Apple Mail Support page for more details about Apple Mail.

Apple Mail (iOS)

Add the “From” email to the address book by opening the message and tapping the “From” email address. Then tap “Create New Contact” to input the address.

You can visit the Apple Support page for more details about the Mail app.


Open the contact list. Then click “New Contact” and input the “From” email address.

You can visit the Gmail Support page for more details about Gmail.

Microsoft – Outlook/Hotmail/Office

Open the email and click the ellipsis in the right corner. From the menu, click “Add to Safe Senders.”

If you want more information about, visit the Support page.


Click “Settings,” then click “View all Outlook settings.” Navigate to Junk email. Next, go to “Safe senders and domains” and add the domain or specific email address from which you would like to receive emails. Then save your settings.

You can visit the Office Support page for more details about Office(365).


From your Yahoo mailbox, click the ellipsis next to “Spam.” Then click “Add Sender to Contacts.”

Also, you can click the “Not Spam” button when viewing your email. Future emails from the email address should go straight to your inbox.

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