Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We worked with Chelsea through the course of our home buying process, and she has been fantastic! Chelsea attended all of our inspections, was our primary point of contact for questions and negotiations, and she was such an advocate for us. It was our first purchase of a home, and when there were  things that we didn't understand (or thought were acceptable) she was right there to advocate for us and push back on the seller to address issues and questions. She saved us money by negotiating the closing costs even when we would have just gone blindly accepting of the seller's offer! As a first time home buyer, we definitely had a lot of questions, and our property had some unique challenges that make it a complex sell. We couldn't have been happier with our relationship with Chelsea and Paris Realty Group.

Chelsea was thorough, thoughtful, highly responsive and friendly throughout our hunt and acquisition process. More importantly, her positive and reassuring manner was a stabilizing force throughout the months of potentially stressful searching and finalizing. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Claire helped us purchase a home and I couldn't say enough kind things about her and her team. She put us at ease and I felt comfortable enough to ask her any and every question during the whole process of searching, offering, closing, and beyond. She was honest with us when we asked her opinion,  which is vastly informed. She knows her stuff inside and out and is also just a fun person to be around. Our first meeting we got coffee and Claire listened to me talk for half an hour about all my concerns, fears, wants, and considerations. I felt truly heard and taken care of every step of the way. I can't express how grateful we are to have found her and what a joy she made the whole process. Anyone seeking to buy a home will not regret having Claire in their corner.

I found a home that I wanted on Zillow and immediately jumped in and messaged Claire's team to arrange a walk-through. I was worried about time and getting things moving, but Claire and her team contacted me almost immediately and we arranged a walk-through! As a first time home-buyer, my  knowledge was limited and was mostly learned from reading books and articles online and talking with friends and family. That was well and good, but Claire's deep knowledge of the entire process and the local market was extremely helpful and filled in all the gaps. Every little silly or random question about buying, fixing, or figuring out a next move in the negotiating process was answered with a smile and with a speedy response. Claire and her assistant on our case answered emails, texts, or calls right away. From start to finish Claire and her team were there to help and to make this normally stressful process a breeze. We closed on our house today and toured the house less than a month ago. Claire has also offered to help with any questions post sale regarding ownership and anything else. I cannot recommend her and her team enough.

Claire and her team are an absolute dream to work with! They took the time to get to know us, and were able to set up lots of viewings with barely any notice. Claire's expertise, in-depth knowledge, patience, easy-going nature, and sense of humor were indispensable in helping us purchase our first  home. Claire and her team continue to be incredible by helping us find honest and fair contractors for renovations. When one contractor, who we found on our own, came in and told us we would need a 20K job for our foundation, Claire calmly reassured us and provided us with another company to give us a second opinion. Thankfully there aren't any major issues with our foundation, and Claire ultimately saved us $20,000! She's lovely in every way and we can't recommend her enough! 

Excellent market knowledge and execution in helping us purchase three rental properties, including two single family homes; and all with very friendly service. Strong advice on negotiations on pricing and terms. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended.

Claire keeps her cool and keeps you calm! What a gem. She knows how to work with anyone, is respectful and diligent, and really, really smart. We were working with an unrepresented seller, and she was generous and patient with the seller as well as us. When our house came in under-appraised,  Claire and our broker worked on an appeal and negotiated with all parties involved to make the sale worked for everyone. Her team is wonderful, and they were there for us at every step. Thanks, Claire and Jasmine!

My wife and I had one weekend to find a home which would be contingent on the sale of our house that was out of state, which already had a buyer. After face timing with her at some of the properties we flew up there to see more homes in person. That weekend, our "game plan" was to find a home by  the end of the weekend. When we met Claire she was much taller than I expected. Very welcoming personality with a contagious laugh. We had our list of properties given by Claire. Some we saw with her and some we saw on our own. 30 homes later we chose the very last house we saw. Claire and her team closed the house in about 30 days! The process was smooth and seamless. Communication was very important between us and all of the players and was never an issue. After the purchase, Claire even lined us up with one of her past clients who was interested in some of our old appliances for his own home that was purchased with Claire's help. She even gave us recommendations for an accountant for the coming tax season. I highly recommend Paris Group Realty to anyone looking for a home here in the area. I can say with confidence that my wife and I will not hesitate to work with her again when we decide to purchase our next property.

Claire Paris and her team are amazing! She helped us buy our first little Portland home in 2014. When it came time to sell our little nest and buy a new house for our growing family, she was the only person we wanted for the job. She sold and helped us buy a new house in different cities. If you  need to reach her for anything, she is there! Questions, she is there! Negotiations, she is the one for the job. Claire is hands down the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. She is the only one we will ever recommend to our friends and family.

A few months ago, my wife and I decided it was time to seriously start shopping for a house in Portland. Claire was a top buyer’s agent in PDX according to Zillow, and had great reviews. After meeting with her — the chemistry just felt right between the three of us. We decided to work exclusively  with her. During the shopping process, Claire was very friendly, easy going, and her hands off approach complemented our shopping style & personalities well (i.e. she was not pushy or forceful about her opinions, or which houses we should see). She had many sales and purchases in the areas we were interested in. She was very familiar with the market, and had already visited some of the places that were on our radar. She’s part of a family based business with a long and interesting history in both real estate and construction. She was punctual arriving at showings, and communicative with insights during walk throughs. Her experiences helped us identify problems, and roughly estimate resolution and remodeling costs during showings which should always be considered as part of the purchase price. Once we found a house we liked, she aggressively pursued closing the deal, and was a consistent and reliable partner. She brought in an inspector who was very through, and created an insightful 30 page report. She has a great supporting team to follow up on emails, paperwork and contractor estimates. She has numerous contractor referrals and connections in the industry that helped us get quotes in a very busy Portland market where contractors can be hard to get a hold of. We are very lucky to have found Claire, and highly recommend her!!

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