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Real Estate Strategies for Retirement: Downsizing, Rental Properties, and Extra Space Income

There are several ways to use real estate to your advantage if you’re starting to think about retiring, even if you’re years away. Here are three great options to consider:

1.    Downsize your home.

One of the simplest ways to save for retirement is to downsize from your current home to a smaller one. Doing this will increase your savings, lower your utility bills, and could reduce or eliminate monthly mortgage payments. If you don’t need all of the space in your current house, this is a great option.

2.    Invest in a rental property.

Another way to use real estate for retirement is by investing in a rental property. You’ll receive monthly income from renters and can potentially make a large profit once you decide to sell it. Additionally, if you invest while you’re still working and making an active income, it can serve as a tax shelter and eventually provide passive income after you retire. Rental income is also a good way to reduce debt over the long-term. Of course, this option should only be considered as a long-term investment in order to avoid any short-term tax repercussions or a fluctuating real estate market.

3.    Rent out extra space.

If you have extra space, especially if it’s an ADU (additional dwelling unit), there are many ways to make additional income for retirement. You can rent it out short-term through sites like or lease it out to tenants for longer periods of time. This is a great way to increase income and savings.

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