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Quick Guide to Marketing Listings

Welcome to our Quick Guide for Marketing Listings. As a full-service real estate agency, we understand the need to balance client interactions with listing exposure. Many agents ask us how to achieve this delicate equilibrium. Dive into our insights and strategies below to boost your listings efficiently with:

  • Preparing Your Listing
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Options
  • Cross Promotion
  • Additional Marketing Ideas

The Good News

When it comes to helping market your listings, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to the marketing team for information on setting up and managing your social platforms. We also craft direct mail campaigns, newsletters, electronic flyers, signage, and assist with custom projects. Your marketing needs are our top priority!

Factors to consider

What Contributes to Your Marketing Success?

Prepare Your Listing

Success in marketing listings hinges on a balanced blend of online and offline strategies. Consistency is the linchpin. From captivating online visuals and targeted social media campaigns to eye-catching signage and compelling direct mail, a well-rounded approach ensures your listings shine and attract eager buyers.

Optimize Descriptions

  • Include City or Neighborhood-Specific Words
  • Use Rich Keywords
  • Use a Grammar and Spell Checking Software
  • Vary Adjectives
  • Present the Lifestyle the Home Offers

Set a Marketing Budget

  • Social Media
  • Open Houses and Broker’s Opens
  • Direct Mailers
  • Emails and Newsletters
  • Cross-Promotions

Provide a Pre-List Checklist to the Seller

  • Deep Clean Each Room
  • Complete Necessary Repairs
  • Consider Staging for Maximum Effect
  • Declutter the Living Space
  • Spiff Up the Curb Appeal

Research the Neighborhood

  • Contact and Mention Local Businesses
  • Include Videos and Photos of Nearby Attractions
  • Familiarize Yourself with School Options
  • Conduct a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)

Strategy and Facts

Social Media


Utilizing hashtags effectively is crucial for increasing post engagement, enhancing it by a minimum of 12%. However, the approach to integrating hashtags should be tailored to the particular social media platform you are utilizing. Tailoring your hashtag strategy to fit the unique environment of each social media platform ensures maximum reach and resonance with your audience, leading to more meaningful interactions and increased visibility for your content.


Studies indicate that by 2025, videos will dominate 82% of consumer internet traffic, with video streaming constituting 91% of global internet usage. This rise is fueled by platforms like TikTok, emphasizing the demand for brief video content. Incorporating visual elements, particularly videos, enhances the visibility of your listings, making them more likely to be noticed.


Reposting content is vital because 72% of Americans use social media, visiting an average of 7.5 platforms monthly. Sharing your listing across various channels enhances visibility, ensuring it reaches a broader audience and increases the chances of being noticed.

Paris Group Realty, LLC focuses on the following social media platforms:

Facebook   |   Instagram   |   X (formerly Twitter)   |   LinkedIn   |   TikTok   |  Pinterest

Contact us today to discover how we can assist in establishing your social accounts, seamlessly integrating social posts into your marketing strategy!

Helpful Tip: When sharing on your social media accounts, remember to tag Paris Group Realty. Thank you!

Do More

Additional Marketing Ideas

Think outside the box and unlock creative marketing strategies for today's competitive real estate market.

Incorporate New Ideas

Create a Blog or Vlog

Consider creating blog posts or vlogs and posting them on your Paris Group website agent profile. You can send us posts and videos and we’ll help you with the approval process.

Tell a Story

Whether you’re using social media, a blog, or photography, aim to tell an engaging story with your content.


Build your following through educational content. As the professional, you can inform your target market with industry news articles and RMLS Market Action report stats.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Use Paris Group Realty’s eye-catching Open House signage to attract buyers. Contact the Marketing Team for the sign-out sheet.