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Professional Real Estate Company

Paris Group Realty, LLC has a team of expert realtors that are ready and able to help you find the home that is right for you. Our realtors stay by your side every step of the way, helping to make a stressful experience a little more relaxing and a lot more exciting.

Commercial Real Estate

If you’re not looking for residential property and are searching for commercial real estate our real estate agents can help you with that as well. Our team has the knowledge and experience to find the commercial property that’s right for your needs.

Home Buyers

Buying a house is an extremely complex and stressful process that involves many steps and requirements. Especially for first time home buyers, this can be very overwhelming. Paris Group Realty, LLC helps take some of that stress of your shoulders.

Homes For Sale

Selling your home can be just as stressful as buying one. You have to think about inspections and where the housing market is at, what other people are selling their houses for. But our real estate agents are more than prepared to help you sell your home.

Homes For Sale Near Me

Wherever you are in Portland our team of realtors always has an up to date list of available properties. They will be able to find a home for sale near you that matches your criteria just right. Get together with your realtor from Paris Group Realty, LLC and find your future home.


At Paris Group Realty, LLC all of our realtors and trained and experienced in the real estate field so they understand all the specifics of the market and how things work. They conduct a lot of research to find the house that fits your criteria. They listen and take notes to focus in on what you are wanting in a home.

Real Estate Agent

Finding a trustworthy real estate agent can be difficult. But at Paris Group Reality all of our realtors are trained and experienced to help you find the perfect property that meets all of your criteria. Our goal is to make the home or property buying/selling process as easy and stress free as possible.


The beautifully weird city of Portland resides in an area where the Willamette and Columbia River join together. And to the East of the city is the everlasting view of Mount Hood; a magnificent view during the day and absolutely breathtaking at twilight. Portland is famous for its vibrant parks, many bridges and paths for the eco-friendly bicyclists. There are tons of breweries and coffee shops. There are people who come and share their art and theater and music. Portland is a constantly evolving melting pot of different cultures, allowing both residents and tourists to try a little bit of everything. And the benefit of being a Portland resident? No sales tax! And even though Portland has a large population you still get that small town feel. With an incredibly efficient city transit system and being the most bicycle friendly city, not having a car will certainly not limit you in Portland. The fun never ends in Portland, there are events and festivals going on all year round. We are proud to be famous for our food carts that serve food from around the world, you know you’ll never go hungry when you’re here. Aside from all the food and entertainment Portland also has incredibly scenic locations and historical landmarks. Whatever you enjoy, Portland has it. Miles of sandy beaches, waterfalls, snowy mountains, lakes and so much more. There’s always a reason to go to Portland. And when you live here the fun never ends.