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Meet Qatanna & Doug

A Home Sweet Home: Join Doug and Qatanna as They Settle into Their North Portland Abode

The first Saturday Qatanna and Doug had the keys to their new house, it felt like a party. The rooms were mostly empty, with the exception of expertly labeled and organized boxes in the dining room. There were only a few chairs in the living room but fifteen old friends gathering in a circle looking around the new North Portland abode.

Doug and Qatanna are good friends to have; they’re friends who always show up to help out, and they’re also perfect hosts. Qatanna is a trained pastry chef, but Doug is in the kitchen just as often as she is, trying out a new creation, or just whipping up his dad’s famous recipe of Hobo dip. (You can’t knock hobo dip until you try it- its melted cheesy goodness with a light spice and ground beef. You eat it by dipping in tortilla chips or sourdough bread, it’s killer.)

Their new house is beautiful, and Qatanna and Doug have a knack of making you feel at home. They wanted a place where they could put down roots, help build community, and someday raise children.

Doug particularly likes the garage at the new house, which affords him ample room to work on his wood working projects, (he makes beautiful coffee tables and desks) and Qatanna love the kitchen and the fruit trees in the yard.  To help make it feel like home, Qatanna and Doug rescued a tiny baby kitten named Hiro, to keep their other sweet cat, Mooka company.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Doug and Qatanna! We love your love for each other, and we’re so happy we could help you find your new home!

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