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Meet Nancy and Robert

A Heartwarming Journey: Nancy and Robert’s Quest for the Perfect Home in a Great School District

When Nancy and I met for the first time to talk about their house hunt, we sat down in a SE children’s café so her boys could run around outside while we talked about their wish list. Nancy from the beginning had a clear goal: finding a place within a great school district for her boys.

Her boys ran in and out of the café doors to check in with us, they played in a little enclosed area where we could keep our eyes on them and talk. Nancy and her husband, Robert, had had two Realtors help with the search before we met, and I wanted to make sure I was her last.

Her 5 year old seemed to approve of me being their Realtor, and asked me to go get Thai food with him; he clearly saw the way to my heart pretty quickly. Nancy and Robert just ended up being so fun to see properties with- Nancy has an ear-to-ear smile and did happy jigs when she saw brand-new washer and dryer sets.

The condo they closed on last month is a great fit- it has gorgeous light and a great fireplace, and it’s in one of the best school districts in Oregon. I loved being their Realtor. I loved seeing their love for each other, and for their boys. And I am so happy they love their new place!

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