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Marketing Materials Timeline

Welcome to the Marketing Materials Timeline, your guide to effective collaboration with the Paris Group Realty, LLC marketing team. Discover how to seamlessly create standard and custom postcard campaigns, social media strategies, email blasts for new and updated listings, and order thoughtful client care and appreciation items to enhance your client relationships.

Standard Templates & Custom Designs


Postcard campaigns for amplified listings and offerings awareness.

Use the following instructions to submit requests for standard and custom postcard campaigns.

Request Pre-Approved Postcard Campaigns:

  1. Begin by choosing a standard postcard template that aligns with your marketing campaign.
  2. Next, fill out the Marketing Request Intake Form comprehensively. This should include all necessary text, images, and your targeted mailing list.
  3. Send the completed Marketing Request Intake Form to the marketing team via email.
  4. Once the marketing team receives your request, they will provide you with a proof of the postcard design for your review.
  5. Thoroughly review the postcard proof. Afterward, provide your approval via email to the marketing team for the estimated cost of both materials and the printing and mailing services.

This streamlined process ensures a smooth and efficient request for pre-approved postcard templates for your marketing campaigns.

Order Custom-Designed Postcard Campaigns:

  1. Start by filling out the Marketing Request Intake Form, ensuring you include all the necessary elements such as text, images, your mailing list, and any specific instructions.
  2. Once the Marketing Request Intake Form is complete, submit it to the marketing team.
  3. The marketing team will review your request and send you an email with estimated costs, including materials, printing, mailing services, and the design fee.
  4. Upon review of these costs, send an email to the marketing team granting approval for the estimated costs.
  5. The marketing team will create a custom design based on the information provided in your Marketing Request Intake Form and any special instructions you’ve provided.
  6. Once your custom postcard proof is complete and provided to you via email from the marketing team, review it thoroughly and provide your written approval via email for its creation and distribution.

You can efficiently initiate and manage your custom postcard campaigns using this straightforward design and distribution process.


  • Custom design projects are subject to a flat-rate design fee of $250.
  • Major projects require an initial meeting with Claire Paris, our company’s owner and principal broker, to define the project’s scope of work.
  • If you require a mailing list for your project, include your request in your Marketing Intake Form and submit it to the Marketing Team
  • Project submissions received after 12:00 pm may result in an extension of the postcard distribution timeline by one business day.

Timely and Targeted

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns for effective promotions of new and updated listings.

Discover the power of timely and targeted email campaigns. Our streamlined process ensures your message reaches the right audience effectively.

  • The listing process includes a weekly email blast for all new listings and price improvements, reaching over 1,100 Portland Metro area agents and brokers.
  • For Coming Soon or Broker’s Open House email blasts, no Marketing Request Intake Form is required. If you wish to request one of these campaigns, please contact the marketing team at least one business day before the desired send date.
  • On WEDNESDAY, complete and submit a Marketing Request Intake Form by 12:00 p.m. This form should include all necessary information, such as text, images, and any specialized email contact lists (if different from our standard New and Updated Listing list), to the Marketing Team.
  • Also on WEDNESDAY, provide approval to the marketing team for the design fee.
  • On MONDAY, submit the project for approval to the marketing team.
  • Finally, on WEDNESDAY, the marketing team will distribute the email blast to the appropriate contact list.


  • Custom design projects are subject to a flat-rate design fee of $250.
  • Keep in mind that if your project is submitted after 12:00 pm, there may be a one-business-day extension to the timeline for distribution.

This restructured process ensures a more efficient handling of targeted email campaigns, making it clear when and how each step should be completed.

Showcase Your Online Presence

Social Media

Optimize your online presence and gather followers effectively by consistently sharing engaging content.

Learn how to effectively share your listings and engage your audience using the following timeline and steps.

New Listings and Open Houses:

  1. WEDNESDAY: By 5:00 p.m., inform the Social Media Coordinator of any new listings and open houses.
  2. WEDNESDAY: Also by 5:00 p.m., submit all media assets (videos, images, etc.), listing details (price, size, etc.), and any special post requests.
  3. THURSDAY (Optional) – If desired, submit a request to boost a post. The cost will not exceed $40 per post, depending on engagement.
  4. FRIDAY: Approved new listing and open house posts will be published on Fridays by 5:00 p.m. Other posts will be scheduled for publication on the day and time that best suits audience engagement.


Client Care and Appreciation

Strengthen connections with current and past clients through thoughtful gifts and provide prospective buyers and sellers with up-to-date information.

Explore our client gift options, presentation packets, and special requests. Make a lasting impression and tailor your offerings to your clients’ needs.

Client Gifts

  • Buyer Closing Gift Bag – $125
  • Seller Closing Gift Bag – $125
  • Local Investor Gift  – $100 (Restaurant Gift Card)
  • Out of Town Seller Gift – $75 (VISA Gift Card)

Presentation Packets

  • Seller Packets – $100 (Quantity – 10)
  • Buyer Packets – $100 (Quantity – 10)
  • Presentation Folders – $3.50 (PGR Branded)

Special Requests

The following items can be purchased upon special request for events. Deadline to submit a request to our Client Care Specialist is (2) business days prior to the event. Availability, cost, and turn-around time will vary.

Order Today!

Client Pop-By Gifts

  • Spring Succulents   – $25
  • Summer Sparklers  – $25
  • Holiday Cava – $35
  • Anniversary Cava  – $35
  • Fall Pumpkins – $20

Client Mailers

  • Birthday Cards – $7
  • Anniversary Letters – $7
  • Winter Holiday Cards – $7
  • Monthly Buffini Mailers – $7
  • Tax Letters with HUD Info – $7

Canned Wine

  • $4 – $6 (availability is subject to change)

Wine and Charcuterie Gift Basket

  • $150 (inventory is subject to change)

Contact the Paris Group Realty marketing team today to kickstart your marketing campaigns. We’re here to assist with postcards, social media, email campaigns, client care and appreciation initiatives, and much more!