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Is it Too Late to Sell My House?


Selling Your Home in Portland: Summer Market Tips for a Quick Sale

If you’re wondering “Is it too late to sell my house?” the short answer is — no! You’re not the only one thinking about selling a home this season in Portland. This year’s real estate market is still going strong for sellers. The average sold price in the Portland Metro area for June of this year was $449,950, up from $415,000 last year. Summer is a perfect time to showcase your home, not only because of the fair weather, but many potential buyers are taking advantage of the summer break to find a family home closer to school districts for the fall. With summer in full swing, I’ve come up with a few tips to help you sell your home efficiently and effectively.

How can I sell my house quickly?

  1. How to price your home– Along with your agent’s advice, there are many resources online that can help give you an idea of the value of your home. It also is a good idea to browse your neighborhood to see what homes near you are selling for on the market. By doing so, you see what potential buyers see and it’s easier to understand what a reasonable price looks like. When it’s time to finalize the price of your home, remember that inflating your pricing, just for the sake of competition, can reduce the number of interested home buyers. If something isn’t working, successful sellers have the strength to fail fast by making adjustments. For instance, if buyers don’t begin to view your home on a regular basis, this is a clear indication that the market is rejecting your price. Always keep in touch with your agent on price changes that could be made.
  2. Proper staging can make the difference– Even spending 1% of your home’s value on staging could make a world of difference. Especially when hosting open houses, giving your home a new, upgraded staging presence could intrigue potential home buyers and help sell your home quickly. Buyers want to imagine their belongings and memories in a new place, so make sure to set the tone of your home as neutral as possible.
  3. Prepare for the unexpected – Properties can sell quicker than you might expect, so it’s important to have a contingency plan for your moving day ready to go. For example, the selling statistics for your area could say that the average seller can sell a home in 26 days, but your home could get an offer in two. Typically, you will want to be out of the home at least a day prior to closing, but you may have other arrangements with your buyers. Just make sure you have a short-term plan laid out for every possible scenario when in the process of selling your home.

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