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How to Choose a Seller’s Agent


Selecting the Right Seller’s Agent: Key Considerations for a Successful Home Sale

In a previous post, we talked about how to choose the right buyer’s agent by doing your research and assessing important factors like communication style, knowledge, and negotiation skills. In addition to that advice, we’ve compiled additional tips to help you choose the right listing seller’s agent.

When Choosing a Seller’s Agent, Consider the Following:

  • The CMA (Comparative Market Analysis): Does the value of your home seem accurate based on current market conditions, and are the comparable properties used to determine value located in the same neighborhood?

Beware of agents that give you a much higher market value than similar comparable properties and that other agents you’re interviewing have given. This could mean they are just telling you what you want to hear to earn your business, and your home won’t actually sell for that amount. Additionally, overpricing when you first list your home for sale can keep your home on the market longer, and still won’t sell for the asking price.

  • Marketing Strategy: How does the agent plan on marketing your home? Is this in line with your goals? Is there something specific you want in the marketing plan that you’re not seeing? If so, ask if the agent can add it.

Marketing is more important to some than to others. If you have a specific vision for marketing your home to potential buyers (or, conversely, you want very little marketing), make sure you’re on board with the marketing strategy your real estate agents plans to use.

  • Commission Amount, and Split: How much commission will you be charged? What are you getting for this fee? How is the commission split between your agent and the buyer’s agent?

Often times, agents that charge very minimal commissions do very little to represent you. For instance, an agent may only charge 3.5% to a seller, where 2.5% is going to the buyer’s agent commission and they are only taking 1%. Be sure to ask exactly what this agent will be doing for this commission. Often times, these agents will only be facilitating paperwork – not hiring a photographer, doing marketing, or negotiating on your behalf.

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