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How to Choose a Buyer’s Agent


Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent: Insider Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Many first-time home buyers aren’t sure how to choose a real estate agent. The process can seem overwhelming with the thousands of choices available. We’ve gathered together some “insider” tips below to help you choose the right real estate agent.

Do Some Research:

  • Check the agent’s license standing through the state real estate agency. Here is Oregon’s Licensee Lookup.
  • Read reviews from former clients or ask for references.
  • Interview your top 2 or 3 picks.

Things to Consider:

  • Does the agent’s communication style work well with yours?

Communication is imperative to any good relationship, and your real estate agent is no exception. You want to make sure that your communication styles work well together in order to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Is the agent knowledgeable about the local market (including your specific neighborhood)?

This is imperative. Your real estate agent needs to understand not only the market in your general area, but specifically in the neighborhoods you’re looking to buy. Having knowledge of the homes in specific neighborhoods means that the agent will be better able to negotiate on your behalf, knowing what previous homes in the neighborhood have sold for and how they compare to the home you’re interested in.

  • Does the agent possess good negotiation skills?

Your agent should have knowledge of the specific market that you’re buying in. Your agent should be able to use this knowledge to negotiate skillfully on your behalf. Alternately, you don’t want someone that doesn’t negotiate with respect and fairness, because it could cost you the home of your dreams, or the ideal buyer.

  • Is the agent working alone, or with a team? Who will you be working with directly?

This is one question most people don’t consider. A lot of agents work with a partner or a team of people, and clients can be surprised when the majority of the communication comes from someone other than the agent they interviewed. Sometimes this can be a great thing – more people means more attention to detail, but sometimes it can be a disappointment if you prefer dealing with only one person.

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