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Homes for Sale Near Me

Shopping Homes For Sale

Homes For Sale Near MeYou’ve decided it’s time to start house hunting. You already looked at a million houses online but it’s time to start seeing them in person. The first thing you want to do is call up the number and ask to see the property. This is a big mistake. You don’t want to walk into a home by yourself. For one, it could be dangerous and for two the seller will see that you don’t have a realtor and might try to bargain you out of what you are looking for. And you could end up looking at a bunch of houses that you aren’t even interested in. So, step one for house hunting is meeting with your Paris Group realtor. This way when you are ready to starting looking at the physical houses your realtor will already have a list of houses that match your criteria ready to go. And if you see a property that your realtor hasn’t mentioned to you there’s probably a good reason for it. Our realtors are excellent at their jobs so more than likely it already came across their radar but something about it didn’t match part of your criteria. And if by chance it does match let your realtor know and they can set up a time for the both of you to go view it.

Honesty With Your Realtor About Homes

When you go to look at houses it is a wise idea to take a few hours to do so. You want to have enough time to look at the houses thoroughly, especially for houses that you have more interest in. You also want to account for driving time and traffic in between the different houses. It is an even better idea to carpool with your realtor. Even if you bring your partner with you or have to put the car seat in the back. Riding along with your realtor prevents anyone from getting lost in between locations. Most importantly it allows private time for you to talk with your realtor about the houses that you’ve seen and what you liked and didn’t like. You always want to be honest with your realtor. At Paris Group Realty, LLC we understand that this is your house and your opinion is what matter. Our realtors will not be offended if you didn’t like the house. They want to know what you like and dislike so they can narrow down their search results.

Viewing Homes For Sale

When you are viewing a bunch of different houses there are a few things you should keep in mind. You want to avoid wearing sneakers or anything with laces. Most homes for sale have already had their floors professionally cleaned and will ask you to remove your shoes before viewing the house or they will provide those big, blue booties for you to wear over your shoes. Bringing slip on shoes is ideal and preferably socks if you don’t want to walk around barefoot. Once you are viewing the house don’t be afraid of being nosy. Look in every cupboard and closet and nook and cranny you can find. If this is going to be your home you want to make sure you see everything. And the people selling the home have had ample time to clean everything before the viewing. Another important tip is to hold your comments until you are back in the car with your realtor. Sometimes the sellers will linger around during viewing to overhear some conversations. And you don’t want to accidentally offend the seller.

You’ve Decided On The Home For You

Finding The Perfect HomeWhen you are making the final decisions on buying a house you want to be absolutely sure. You want to make this decision based on logic and not because you thought it was cute. There are things you want to do before you make the final leap. Something that a lot of people don’t think about but they should is the neighborhood and your potential neighbors. Stalking the neighborhood, not in a creepy way, is a good idea to do before deciding on a home. You want to see what it is like at different times during the day. You wouldn’t want to move into your dream home to find out your next door neighbor is a party animal on Wednesday nights. This also allows you to check your commute to and from work. Find out where the nearest grocery store and bank and other businesses you might need are. Knowing the area and the people in the are is important when considering a home and is something that a lot of home buyers fail to find out until it’s too late.

Getting pre-approved is a big step when buying a home. It shows the buyer that you are a candidate and it shows you what you your price range is. Having a home inspection is a common step that is mentioned but it is important. Trying to save money by not having your potential home inspected is very, very risky. There are so many aspects of the house that could be wrong but you wouldn’t know it without a full inspection. And finding out a few years down the road when it’s progressed is going to cost you a lot more. After the approval and inspection comes the bidding. When you put a bid on a house you don’t want to low ball it and offend the seller. You want to start with an acceptable offer that seems fair to you for what you think the property is worth. A small tip when putting in bids is to use and odd number. Throwing out an even number looks like everyone else’s bid, but making your bid a strange, odd number makes it look like you’ve given your bid a lot of thought.

Paris Group Realty, LLC Homes For Sale

Our realtors would love to help you find the home of your dreams. From start to finish we are there for you. Every home viewing, every offer, every inspection, we’re by your side providing you with all the information you need to find the right one. Our realtors are professional and thoughtful, knowing how big of a decision this is. Our team is educated in the real estate market to process all the numbers and legal paperwork and explain it all to you. And we care about you and your opinions because we want you to be ecstatic with your choice, knowing it’s the right one.

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