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Finding Home: Kate


Kate’s Journey: Finding the Perfect Home in an Unexpected Place

“Finding Home” is a collection of interviews with our team, friends, and clients about adventures in buying their first home, remodeling lessons, and other discoveries of owning a home.

Today our Lead Transaction Coordinator, Kate, shares her home search adventure and discovering the perfect spot may be in an unlikely place.

1) How did you know you wanted to buy your home?
When we went to the open house I just felt a sense that it was the perfect house. I always wanted a classic 60’s ranch and the layout was perfect. The previous owners had done a beautiful job updating the home so the work needed was minimal. But the yard… the yard won us over. 

2) Was there a trade-off you felt was necessary to make to purchasing your home?
The location wasn’t my favorite – we’re now just east of I-205; we were living in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood just off of 60th in an apartment. But we felt we would never find that perfect of a home anywhere closer in, remotely close to our budget. Now that we live there, I realize it was a silly concern because we don’t feel far away from anything. It’s a lot quieter, the neighborhood is super friendly, and with quick access to the freeways and the Max we can get across town (or out of town) way faster than before. 


Kate’s Journey: Finding the Perfect Home in an Unexpected Place

3) Any surprises discovered *after* moving in?
We just moved in this past August, so far there haven’t been any major surprises. We’ve been working through some of the issues that came up on our home inspection, which are all pretty typical for most homes – getting electrical junction boxes up to code, having the heating ducts cleaned, the furnace serviced, getting a new roof installed, replacing old appliances…

4) How did you fix them?
We’ve hired contractors to take care of all the work, with the exception of installing the appliances – we were able to handle that.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Kate! Best of luck as you two settle into your new home!


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