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Dear Claire: What are the Updated Landlord Laws in Portland, Oregon?

Understanding Portland’s Eviction Laws Amidst State Uncertainty

As you know, there’s been some changes to the city of Portland laws with regards to tenants. Those have pretty much stayed the same for the last year. They’ve been about the same with one exception, which was an exclusion for landlords that had one unit or less, but they have made zero exceptions for that. So, all the current no cause eviction rules still apply to everyone and anyone who’s renting any property in city of Portland.

It’s probably been six weeks since the Oregon legislature came out with new rules in regard to no cause evictions, rent increases, and several other things. The big thing that everybody should know, and nobody knows, is that obviously the city of Portland rules don’t agree with the state of Oregon rules. Every attorney I talk to right now says that there’s really no way to know how the Oregon legislature is supposed to come up with some determining rule about whether the city laws supersede the state laws or vice versa. So, we don’t know yet what it’s going to be.

I’m now telling most people in the city of Portland that laws are more stringent, so, you should abide by the city of Portland laws and not rely on the state of Oregon laws. What we really don’t know and what most attorneys are saying is going to happen, is that it’s likely to be a lawsuit that eventually decides who rules. So, stay tuned and as soon as there’s any changes, I will update you and let you know, but for right now, it’s all those rules. There’s some differences at the state level that I don’t think they are going to come into play, but we really need some guidance from the state and from the city, and we haven’t gotten that yet. Stay cool, and we’ll see you next Tuesday. Take care, you guys. Bye.

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