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Dear Claire: What are Some Fall Maintenance Tips?

Essential Fall Home Maintenance Tips for a Cozy Winter

I know it doesn’t seem like it’s fall yet, but it is. Today is the first day of fall. So happy fall and pumpkin spice to all!  

A few things you should think about doing before we get our onslaught of rain is to clean your gutters. They need to be cleaned before they start getting into heavy working gear. It’s a great time while it’s clear and beautiful to walk around your house and see if you see any issues or anything that needs to be addressed. It’s easier to spot before the onslaught of rain, the darkness, and everything else. Another thing you can do is check your windows. I have an old house and old windows, so it’s super drafty. You can seal them. They have simple kits you can buy where you tape down plastic, which helps a lot with energy efficiency in the winter months for heating and keeping your house warm.  

If you want a lawn, now is the time to reseed it because the upcoming rain is going to help it grow and it will look beautiful and lush for spring next year. Also, while it’s light outside and not raining too much, it’s a great time to winterize your exterior faucets. Some of you have those easy frost-resistant faucets. They’re super easy and you don’t have to do anything. If you have old faucets, you can get plastic domes to put over them so that you’re protected if we get cold and freezing temperatures this year.  

Another tip is to change your furnace filter. You can change it now and order a few more filters so that you have them ready. Ideally, when you’re running your furnace constantly in the winter, you’re going to want to replace your furnace filter once every three months, especially if you have pets. You also want to clean your fireplace and chimney If you’re going to have fires in the evenings. Ideally, you’d clean it once a year, depending on your usage. If you only use it once a year, then you probably only have to clean it every couple of years.  

We’ve got a ton more maintenance tips, so check out the Paris Group Realty, LLC YouTube channel for additional videos. I hope you have a lovely day. Talk to you soon. 

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