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Universe gave me Michael

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I moved to Portland to open a new business and I had six weeks to find an affordable, wonderful home. As a first time home buyer, it seemed an impossible task, but the Universe gave me Michael and Michael got me a house (in four weeks!). I don’t know if it would have happened without him. He was  genuinely patient and I appreciated that quality the most. When the house wasn’t right, we moved along. There was no pressure to make compromises. He was on my team. My goals were his goals and we worked together to make the right choice. His communication was crystal clear. He walked me through the process with precision and speed. He was always on time! He was kind and thoughtful in his approach and so thorough! He showed up on closing day with a handmade “Welcome Home” sign, a bottle of champagne, and food for the fish in the koi pond! A few weeks after we closed, he came by to fix the fireplace insert! He brought me all the way home and I’m so grateful for his service and commitment to his profession. He is a true gem.



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