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Five Questions on Friday with Molly Paris

Explore Insights from Molly Paris, Our Principal Broker, on What Matters Most in Real Estate Transactions

This week for Five on Friday, we were so happy to chat with our Principal Broker, Molly Paris!

Question 1  What do you wish clients knew before you worked together? 

To be quite honest, it is easy for me to work with clients who know nothing about real estate as well as an experienced Buyer or Seller.  I have no expectations of a client and always start with the same questions when I interview them.  I need to find out how much knowledge they have and/or how much knowledge they want to learn.  It’s different for everyone.  So the answer is that I don’t wish clients knew anything before we start working.

Question 2. What do you hope they learn with you after you close on a transaction? 

What I hope a client learns from me in a transaction is that if you have enough information in most situations, it will often eliminate fear and hesitation.

Question 3.  Looking through an inspection report, what items are you most concerned about? 

When I look through an inspection report, I am often looking for items where the client would be concerned and what those issues would cost.  Trying to decide with the client whether  “the condition is “typical” for the price and location” is often difficult.  I am rarely concerned about what is on an inspection for myself.

Question 4. Do you have any personal deal breakers with properties? 

I personally do not have any deal breakers, if the price of the property is right for the location and condition.  There is an old real estate quote that says, “There is no objection price won’t overcome.”  I’ve found that to be true with all my real estate transactions.

Question 5.  What part of a real estate transaction is your favorite? 

My favorite part in a real estate transaction is helping my client achieve their dreams and then watching their reaction when they obtain them.

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