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Exploring the World of Design: A Conversation with an Interior Designer

Question 1: What are the benefits of hiring a designer?

So many! We work really hard with and for our clients to create unique spaces that are both attractive and functional. We typically study the behaviors and amovements of individuals in their specific working and living environments to create this balance. And we can help you save tons of time and money in the long run!

Question 2: Do you sketch your designs, or do you work digitally? How do you share your design ideas for a project?

Initially, I prefer to sketch my ideas and plans to show clients what I’m thinking. I feel like showing clients something digital right away makes them feel that plans are more permanent and not as easily changeable. Once ideas are close to finalized and agreed upon, then I’ll create it digitally. Almost always I will bring samples of whatever soft and hard goods (i.e. countertop, wallpaper, textiles, fabrics, etc.) to let them get a better idea of what they may or may not like up close and personal.

Question 3: Where do you pull your design inspiration?

For me, each project’s inspiration is unique dependent upon the client. Upon our first meeting, I like to get a good grasp on the clients’ hobbies, interests, and general background. Then I usually have them create a Pinterest board showing me examples of different styles they like so I can come up with ideas that are unique and specific to them. For example, the project pictured here was for a fitness and wellness instructor’s office, and my concept was to embrace the idea of renewal. He was already helping his clients take what they already have, i.e. their bodies, and turn them into something better and more useful. Within the space, as many elements as possible were used to reflect this including: old basketball floors, old airplane parts, World War II military fabric, vintage lockers, and old sailboat sails.

Question 4: When designing a room, what’s the most important factor for you?

The most important thing for me is FUNCTIONALITY! We can cover up that functionality with whatever style and décor that is right for the client.

Question5: How do you use light in your designs?

Without good lighting, the impact of all other well-thought out details will be lost. I always try to have a mix of light sources at different levels, with consideration of natural light, to create a flattering ambiance. Appropriate task lighting for whatever you do in that space (i.e. reading, food prep, getting dressed) is key.

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