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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

As first time home buyers, picking an agent was the first hard task. From the beginning, we really like her. She was extremely positive, yet very professional and factual, helping us understanding the many steps in this long process. She obviously has a deep knowledge of the Portland market. She  was able to refer us to lenders, inspectors, appraisers, surveyors. We closed pretty much on time, with no major hiccups in the process. She's very responsive, either via phone, SMS or email. I highly recommend her!

A few months ago, my wife and I decided it was time to seriously start shopping for a house in Portland. Claire was a top buyer’s agent in PDX according to Zillow, and had great reviews. After meeting with her — the chemistry just felt right between the three of us. We decided to work exclusively  with her. During the shopping process, Claire was very friendly, easy going, and her hands off approach complemented our shopping style & personalities well (i.e. she was not pushy or forceful about her opinions, or which houses we should see). She had many sales and purchases in the areas we were interested in. She was very familiar with the market, and had already visited some of the places that were on our radar. She’s part of a family based business with a long and interesting history in both real estate and construction. She was punctual arriving at showings, and communicative with insights during walk throughs. Her experiences helped us identify problems, and roughly estimate resolution and remodeling costs during showings which should always be considered as part of the purchase price. Once we found a house we liked, she aggressively pursued closing the deal, and was a consistent and reliable partner. She brought in an inspector who was very through, and created an insightful 30 page report. She has a great supporting team to follow up on emails, paperwork and contractor estimates. She has numerous contractor referrals and connections in the industry that helped us get quotes in a very busy Portland market where contractors can be hard to get a hold of. We are very lucky to have found Claire, and highly recommend her!!

Claire Paris was awesome. She knew what we were looking for and she found us a home in 3 days. We would highly recommend her and her knowledgeable team for anyone buying a home in Portland.

Heather is fantastic! We couldn't have gotten the house we have without her expertise. She's extremely professional and friendly, truly the best in her field.

Heather is the perfect realtor for us. She started by setting up an interview to get an idea of what kind of house we wanted as well as finding a neighborhood in which we wanted to live. She set up and took us around to look at several houses while getting a stronger feel for what we wanted each  time we went looking with her. Heather never pressured us to make any decisions while being firm in her convictions and advice when she knew a certain house was what we wanted. She also helped remind us about our deal breakers such as traffic noise when we were seeming infatuated with a house that was too noisy. Heather is amazing when she estimates what a house will end up selling for. We are from Eugene and have had a really hard time accepting the reality of the Portland market. She has been spot on almost every time with price. We trust Heather. We have never said that about a realtor before. We have yet to get a house but are excited to eventually close on a house with Heather. She has stuck with us when even we thought she should give up on us. Heather puts what is best for us first and she is our perfect realtor!

Heather was with us every step of the way. She was extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhood because she lives a few blocks away! We cannot have had anyone better in this stressful process. We plan to use Heather again in a few years when we sell our home and move to assisted living!

Heather was an absolute rock for me during a period of time when we, as a family, were trying to decide whether to upgrade to a new home. Heather was there during all of our back and forth trying to decide whether to move to a new home (and likely out of our beloved neighborhood) or remodel our  current home to fit our needs. Heather was so patient with while we explored the options on the market and toured multiple homes. In the end, we decided to remodel. Heather was there for me during the whole remodel process giving her expert advise. I can't say enough about her professionalism, knowledge, and optimism. She's a complete blast to work with!

Heather is far and away the best realtor i have worked with. She is very knowledgeable about:

1- The market (pricing, crime, general ambiance, demand etc)

2- Construction (what is and isn't important when looking at a purchase).

3- Referrals (she hooked us up with the best inspection team).

4-  Research - she pointed us to some great websites to research neighborhood, crime rates, zoning, water quality etc.

Heather isn't a pushy sales person but she'll do what it takes to get the right house for you. Most importantly, she cares about you getting into the right situation not just making the sale. Based on previous experiences with realtors, she has a really unique business practice which i have appreciated tremendously. She is top notch.

Brigitte was an excellent guide though the sometimes-crazy world of Portland real estate. She was responsive and flexible, going above and beyond to show us countless properties until we found the perfect fit. She walked us through the process from start to finish, and was an absolute rock during a  financing snafu (which had nothing to do with her, and in fact, had we listened to her advice on which mortgage broker to choose in the first place, would have avoided the issue altogether!) When she (infrequently) didn't know the answer to a question, she was honest and found the answer promptly. I am so glad we used her services!

As first time home buyers, my husband and I needed a lot of help. We knew it was a very competitive market and were financing FHA. When we first began working with Brigitte, we felt defeated after looking at over 30+ homes with our previous realtor and had zero luck. We decided to change directions  and go with Brigitte and Paris Group Realty. Boy, were we happy we did! Instantly we were informed, educated, and she did a lot of the tough leg work for us along the way.

Not only was she a fresh breath of air, she was running us around the city of Portland everyday, pulling comps, educating us on the crazy market, referred us to a better lender, and took a lot of time to listen to what we wanted and needed in a home. We were beyond impressed how quickly and efficiently Brigitte worked for us to get our dream home and I know she will do the best for you too. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, and city regulations, useful new homeowner details, she also cares about the future of Portland, and it's evolving growth.

If you are a new resident to Portland, growing your family, and need a big ray of sunshine, Brigitte is the perfect realtor for you. Thanks Brigitte and Paris Group Realty!

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