Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Heather was the listing agent when I saw an open house and price reduction on Zillow that fit my parameters. She handled both sides of the sale/purchase like the professional she is. The seller got the quick sale they wanted, and I got the speedy purchase I wanted without a single glitch along the way.

After working with several different realtors, we found Molly to be a breath of fresh air. She was very patient and great to work with. She did an excellent job focusing on our home goals and working to find us what we wanted as opposed to just closing a deal. I would definitely use Molly for my next home purchase and have recommended her to friends & family.

Heather is energetic and good humored. She has infinite patience. She knows the area very well and was able to show me properties that corresponded to my shifting ideas of what I wanted in a home, and where I wanted it to be located. The flexibility was invaluable as I was new to the area.

Ultimately Heather found me my home and arranged inspections, negotiated price and settled the purchase in a very short time.

I would definitely recommend Heather to anybody looking to buy a home.

Heather Paris commanded an impressive level of integrity and knowledge in her role as our real estate agent. She worked with us remotely for months before we moved to Oregon, coaching us through some tough decisions, and was always direct and honest when we needed it. She is extremely knowledgeable of the Portland area, and takes very seriously the 'good fit' of the property to the buyer family. In a word: she cares... she cares about the family, the relationships and their happiness in the future home. She is certainly the most capable realtor I've come across and I am forever grateful she helped us find our way to our new home.

I contacted Brigitte after having disappointing experiences with two other realtors. I had never purchased a home before and I found the prospect daunting. From the very beginning she was patient and available to answer questions for me day and night.

She basically held my hand through the whole process. She was amazing.

We are planning on purchasing another home in a few years and have every intention of using her services again.

Heather is extremely helpful, responsive, patient and effective. She has great advice, and works to make sure that her clients and their families are well taken care of regardless of how it affects her pay out. She even encouraged us to be patient and wait for a better priced home rather than pushing us to over spend on a hot market. She is simply the best. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family members.

Heather helped us sell a house and buy another. As it often is, these events can be stressful- and we were in a time crunch, which didn't help the stress levels. Heather was very calming throughout the processes. I asked tons of questions and always felt like I was getting well-reasoned answers from an expert. I have total confidence in her professional abilities and would definitely recommend her.

We couldn't be happier with our home-buying experience. Heather worked with us during a time when there was very little housing stock on the Portland market and bidding wars were occurring on every house up for sale. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the process, different neighborhoods around town, and was very good at predicting seller behavior. She's kind, responsive, and made herself available on pretty short notice to run out to view homes or conduct research for us. She was honest with us when she thought we should pass on a house and didn't rush us into buying.

We were also pleasantly surprised to learn that she has quite a depth of understanding of construction and architecture and was particularly helpful in identifying historic features in a house, as well as updates. She was also helpful in estimating repair costs.

Once our bid was accepted and we entered into the inspection phase of the process, Heather encouraged us to have the house thoroughly inspected, including sewer scope and radon. When the sewer line was found to be failing and high levels of radon were found in the basement, she successfully re-negotiated with the seller to cover repairs and get us money back on closing costs. Perhaps most telling, Heather stayed with us for the entire 4.5 hour general inspection of the house!

She's dedicated and genuine and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to first-time homebuyers like ourselves or anyone else!

Heather was amazing! She was incredibly helpful with the process of purchasing our first home. She has tons of knowledge and she made us feel very well taken care of. We greatly appreciate all that she did for us.

Heather came highly recommended to us through some good friends. In our case we were looking at Portland properties from afar. At the moment we live in Toronto and we are moving to our new house in December. So we knew we needed someone we could trust. After the initial introduction we had a good feeling, and that was reinforced and validated at every step of the way.

Heather was very, very positive. We had some fairly massive unforeseen difficulties with our financing (the bank didn't honor our pre-approval agreement, because the lender hadn't accounted for the fact that I was a foreign national. Our options were limited, and the odds of us finding financing were looking slim. Another agent would surely have told me that it just wasn't in the cards, and to try again another time once everything had been cleared up. Heather stuck with us, she used every resource at her disposal, called in every favor, worked long hours and did everything she could to support us through a very long uphill battle. She was ever the optimist, and drew from a wealth of experience to help to solve problems. Young as she is, she's been in the game for a while and her family has been in the real-estate business even longer. She has a great manner and quickly finds a rapport with listings agents, lenders, contractors, appraisers, all of the parties that you'll need to work with. If we'd had an easier time with our financing all we would have to say is that she is very competent an excellent communicator and that she made everything easy. For us, nothing was easy, but heather made it possible.

Heather always reachable, always there to explain where we were in the process, what needed to happen and why, what options were and what outcomes would likely result. She was there to offer advice but her focus was always to figure out what we were looking for.

We ended up getting our house for about 20k under what it was later appraised for, so I think that's gotta say something in regards to her negotiating skills. Heather's approach is very pragmatic, she understands the market and how it's been evolving, she doesn't play games, she communicates with listing agents and uses the all of the information at her disposal to make the smartest play. We had nothing but issues, and as stated above, she worked incredibly hard to work through them one by one, probably two by two some days.

I feel very grateful for all of heather's hard work, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to point some business her way. We also recommended her to a family member who is considering buying in the area.

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