Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Claire and Paris Group Realty are great people. Their knowledge of the neighborhoods, houses, construction, renovations, the market, etc is so obvious and helpful. And they are honest and transparent. They are also really patient and kind and provided us with so much support throughout the process. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else! They really are great people to work with.

I am a first time home buyer and Chelsea was amazing to work with. She helped me navigate through all the questions and surprises that come up when buying a home. I would recommend her to all my loved ones!

We have worked with Chelsea and Paris Group Realty for several years. They are an amazing team. Incredibly professional, organized and fun to be with! They know the Portland market extremely well. They listen to your needs, do their research and present you with what matches your interest, with what is on the market. What more could you ask? Oh, except they are brilliant marketers and will get you top dollar when selling your property. They are exceptional!!

Chelsea was licensed for manufactured homes, which we needed. She knew most of the slight differences in manufactured home sales versus regular homes. She learned afterward certain insurance companies won’t insure homes built prior to HUD requirements in 1976. Our sale went through without a hitch.

Chelsea is and was amazing! From start to finish of my home process! From the moment we had our first meeting to the day I received my keys to my home. She was always available to answer questions I had, always sending me updates on where I was at in the home process. Very informative and helpful!!  Worked with my schedule to look at homes and if I had questions, always had a response or would find out and get back to me quickly!  I couldn't have asked for anyone better!!!  She made my experience smooth and stress free, welcomed me into my new home, and made me feel super special!  I recommend her to everybody!  She is the best and I couldn't be more appreciative of everything she did for me in reaching my dream of being a home owner!

We love Paris Group Reality! They made our first home buying process a breeze!! Claire was so patient and kind while we slowly figured out what our dream first home was going to be! Her advice was just what we needed!!

Claire is amazing! She has helped so many of my friends find truly incredible homes. She has a great perspective on the Portland market and really makes the home-buying process enjoyable

We worked with Chelsea as a team member of Paris Group Realty and Claire Paris our realtor. Chelsea is a very responsive and helpful professional. She is willing and able to help at hours that fit a working day schedule. She is knowledgeable about the properties reviewed and will always seek out more information if needed. She is a great part of the team and highly recommended.

I can’t recommend Claire highly enough. She is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of purchasing a home and I am confident that she helped us negotiate the best deal in a tough market for buyers. She was patient and never pushed us to make a move before we felt ready. And four years later, she continues to provide helpful information as we make home improvements and think about buying an investment property. As if all this isn’t enough, she is also a very fun person to hunt for houses with - an important consideration in a realtor!

Claire and her lovely team have helped me purchase and sell a home - I would have been lost without her! Her expertise in the market is just the tip of the iceberg. She has a great eye for detail when she's looking at properties and contracts alike, and she's not afraid to go to bat for your interests. Highly recommend 

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