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Patricia LoCascio

Having grown up in New Orleans and moving to Kansas City at the age of 18, then living there for an additional 18 years, Patricia LoCascio assumed she was just a nomad. She felt like home would always be temporary and that she’d always be happiest “in transit.”

However, Portland taught Patricia a very important lesson that she was never a nomad, she’d just never been home.

This region, this state, and especially this city means a lot to Patricia. She is raising her children here and growing her own food. Patricia has also met friends and family alike in this town’s neighbors. This is where she lives, this is where she works, and Portland is the city that she loves.

Patricia is a deeply committed Realtor, a messy painter, an amateur woodworker, a decent knitter, a (very) lazy homeschooler, an intentional cook, an avid soil resuscitator, and a practicing (and stumbling) Buddhist.

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