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Claire Paris

Claire Paris is an award-winning broker at Paris Group Realty, LLC – a local, woman-run, family business.

Coming from a family background of real estate and construction and a personal background in the insurance industry, she truly has a grasp of the big pictures of building, contract law, and negotiation.

From the joy of helping buyers purchase their first home to the thrill of securing cash-flowing property, Claire firmly believes real estate is one of the most effective means to build wealth.

Paris Group Realty, LLC is committed to helping clients find property that suits them both personally and financially – from their first property – to their 50th. Fostering long lasting relationships are key, with many new clients being the children or parents of past clients.

With an emphasis on giving back to the local community, Claire encourages everyone in the company to find volunteer activities that speak to them as well sponsoring Habit for Humanity builds and local neighborhood events.

Claire has been voted a 5-Star Professional for the last nine years and was recently a peer panelist at the Real Estate Mastermind Summit as a $22 million dollar producer.

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