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Real Estate Agent

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

Real Estate AgentThere is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to real estate. Our agents at Paris Group Realty, LLC work hard to find the perfect home every time. When they are not out with clients showing houses and properties they are at work doing continuous research. Agents must stay up to date on all local and regional activity within the real estate market; paying attention to the news in this industry is very important because that will effect listings in the area. Constantly researching all listings including pending, sold and active allows the real estate agents to know what is available for their clients. And then setting up appointments and open houses throughout the week. Not to mention all of the paperwork that follows. Documents and agreements and anything else that needs to be kept on record.

All of this and more is what each and every one of our real estate agents at Paris Group Realty, LLC do every day. Our team all works together to find you the perfect house, condo, apartment or office building. When you need help finding homes for sale or selling property, give Paris Group realty a call!

Selling Your Home With Your Agent

CMA is real estate shorthand for “Comparative Market Analysis”. A CMA is a report prepared by a real estate agent providing data comparing your property to similar properties in the marketplace.

The first thing an agent will need to do to provide you with a CMA is to inspect your property. Generally, this inspection won’t be overly detailed (she or he is not going to crawl under the house to examine the foundation), nor does the house need to be totally cleaned up and ready for an open house. It should be in such a condition that the agent will be able to make an accurate assessment of its condition and worth. If you plan to make changes before selling, inform the agent at this time.

The next step is for the agent to obtain data on comparable properties. This data is usually available through MLS (Multiple Listing Service), but a qualified agent will also know of properties that are on the market or have sold without being part of the MLS. This will give the agent an idea how much your property is worth in the current market. Please note that the CMA is not an appraisal. An appraisal must be performed by a licensed appraiser.

The CMA process takes place before your home is listed for sale. This is a good assessment of what your house could potentially sell for.

CMAs are not only for prospective sellers. Buyers should consider requesting a CMA for properties they are seriously looking at to determine whether the asking price is a true reflection of the current market. Owners who are upgrading or remodeling can benefit from a CMA when it’s used to see if the intended changes will “over-improve” their property compared to others in the neighborhood.

Paris Real Estate Agents

Real Estate BrokerThe realtors at Paris Group Realty, LLC know your home must reflect your personal taste and lifestyle and we are experts at helping you find just the right one.

We also know your property should help you build wealth. The housing market has historically been a sound financial investment and we will help you maintain and capitalize on yours. We will guide you smoothly to your goals because we want you to find your personal space of refuge and invest soundly in your future. The agents of Paris Group Realty, LLC are a hard-working, diverse group, passionate about real estate. Each agent has come to real estate from a different path; we are interior designers, contractors, remodelers, investors and landlords. Our individual experiences enrich our ability to help you achieve your personal real estate goals. Buying or selling a home can be an exciting and stressful experience; we do our best to smooth out these rough spots. How? We listen and ask questions. We evaluate, and work hard.

Paris Group Realty, LLC is here to help you find your perfect home or property. Come meet our team and let us help you today!

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