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Samuel Richards

Samuel Richards

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About Samuel

Three years ago, my car brimming with my personal effects, I said goodbye to my home state of Maine and headed west. Unsure of where I would end up, the one thing I was sure of, was that I was heading in the right direction. After a long and insightful tour of the country, I made what I thought would be a brief stopover in Portland. Long story short… I never left. I had found Portland and Portland had found me.

It was that same ambition and allure that brought me to real estate.

Growing up I had the opportunity to observe my parents cultivate a small home run business into a successful company and through them I learned the values of customer service and hard work and with over ten years of experience in the restaurant industry I have developed the skills to think creatively, act quickly and to always expect the unexpected. These experiences are the foundation on which I will build every client relationship and I know that, coupled with my tenacity and empathy, I will work with my clients to transform the overwhelming process of buying or selling a home into a rewarding experience.

I am so excited to be working with the amazing women at Paris Group and I know that with their wisdom and experience I can cultivate long lasting relationships with my clients.