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Our Top Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home!

Essential Fall Home Maintenance: Tips for Ensuring a Cozy and Pest-Free Season | ‘Dear Claire’ Episode

In this episode of ‘Dear Claire’ I talk about my top list of things to do for Fall Maintenance on your home.

First, have your home’s heat source serviced at least once a year; it’s ideal to do this in the fall before it gets too cold and help your heat system run more efficiently. Don’t forget to change the filter to help reduce dust and allergens.

Next, walk around the house’s exterior to check for and patch holes in the siding or any small, venting cracks that small pests could get into and possibly nest for the winter.

You’ll also want to check your basement or crawl space for areas small animals can get into and look for any possible leaks or wetness. If you see wetness, check your downspouts and make sure they’re properly draining away from your house, ideally four feet away from your home (use a downspout extension if needed).

Finally, you’ll want to trim all foliage away from the exterior of your home. When plants, trees, and foliage rest against your house, it’s like a superhighway for pests like ants, carpenter ants, termites, and beetles to get into your walls and compromise the integrity of your home.

Click the video below to watch the full video for more info!

Please reach out if you have any questions or need more suggestions for other Fall Maintenance tips, I’m always happy to help!

Take care and have a happy healthy fall!


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