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Dear Claire: What are Some Ideas for Winter Home Maintenance?


Essential Winter Property Maintenance: Ensuring Comfort and Safety Amid Cold Weather Challenges

Today on Dear Claire – How do I maintain my property especially considering cold weather, rain, etc., in our area? I’m going to just give you five things to do you do, or you could reach out to me and I can give you people that will help you do these things. First, check your windows and doors. Make sure that if you have storm windows that you put them on, check for any gaps, or for any glazing that might be missing. Do a walk-around of your house and check and make sure everything looks like it’s working well. As we drop into the colder temperatures it’s going to take more energy to heat your house and you don’t want it all escaping out your windows. Second is a big one, service your heat source, whether it be a gas furnace, oil furnace, or one of those little enough Cadet heaters. The Cadets just need to be vacuumed out. For the furnace they’ll adjust/clean so the fuel burns more efficiently. A professional service charges around $150 – it’s so worth it. If you leave for a vacation, leave the heat on because your pipes are going to burst if it drops below freezing for any length of time. Also, make sure to frost proof your hose bids.   These are your outside water spouts for connecting your hose. We have a video that you can check out on our YouTube channel that shows you exactly how you do this. They are really cheap from the hardware store or you can use an old rag to wrap it. If it doesn’t say on the top of it “frost proof” you want to wrap it and insulate it so that the freezing temperatures don’t cause it to the pipes to burst if they freeze.

We are going to post some more information in the comments section of our YouTube section so that you have sort of your checklist in you don’t have to keep watching this over and over again, although you’re totally welcome to do so if you’d like.

I look forward to seeing you next week. If you have any real estate questions or topic that you’d like me to address send me a message or comment below and then also, of course remember that we have a Paris Group Realty YouTube channel, and you can access all of our past information and some additional maintenance videos.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day and will talk to you soon.

Take care.

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