Image for Dear Claire: How is the Portland Real Estate Market in March 2020?

Dear Claire: How is the Portland Real Estate Market in March 2020?

Market Action Report: Analyzing Sales Surge and Inventory Drop in Real Estate

Today we’re talking about the Market Action Report, which comes out every month.  It just came out for February. We have all of the statistics and the jury is still out.

Closed sales are up almost 10%, 9.9% to be exact, and our inventory has dropped significantly. We’re down to 1.9 months of inventory.

January had 2.2 months of inventory, we will see with coronavirus if things change from there, but as you probably know this is all about 30 to 45 days behind so February’s numbers are mostly based on January because it typically takes us 45 days to close on a house.

I’m going to post this information for you online (see link below) so you can read through it and see because it’s specifically lists all the different areas of town.


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