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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Real EstateParis Group Realty, LLC has a team of agents that are trained and experienced in order to help you find the commercial building that is right for you. All of our realtors stay up to date on what properties are available in the area you’re searching. No matter what type of building you are looking for our agents can help you find it. By definition a commercial building is property used for commercial purposes such as offices, warehouses, or retail buildings. There are technically four types of commercial real estate buildings.

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Multi-Family
  • Retail

Depending on your needs you could even combine more than one type of building. For example; having retail on the the bottom floor of a building with offices on the higher levels. There are buildings for every need and Paris Group Realty, LLC can help you find the one for you. Give us the specifications for what you are looking for and one of our real estate agents will be on the move to find all potential property listings for you.

Classifications Of Commercial Real Estate

Class A:

These buildings are considered the best buildings. These are going to be the buildings in the best locations, newly built and providing the best aesthetic.

Class B:

These buildings are going to be a littler older and not as competitive price wise. However, they are great buildings for restoration and investors.

Class C:

These buildings are going to be the oldest buildings, about 20 years or more. They are located in the less desirable areas and require more maintenance. But are good if you are not concerned about the aesthetic appeal.

There are pros and cons to each class of commercial buildings. But it all really depends on what the buyer is looking for. For some people commercial real estate is more of an investment opportunity. Investing in commercial property is a high risk, high reward scenario. And generally requires a large startup cost. But for people who are well educated in the investing market and understand how the process works, commercial real estate can be a great opportunity for them.

Different Commercial Lease Types

Commercial Properties For SaleSingle Net Lease: This type of lease requires the tenant to pay for the property taxes of the building.
Double Net Lease: This types of lease requires the tenant to pay for the property tax and insurance for the building.
Triple Net Lease: This type of lease requires the tenant to pay for the property tax, the insurance and the maintenance for the building.
Gross Lease: This type of lease requires the tenant to only pay for the rent and the landlord pays for the property tax, insurance and maintenance for the building.

Benefits To Owning Commercial Real Estate

There are many benefits to owning commercial buildings. If you are a business owner it is much better to own your own building than to rent one out. But if you are someone who owns the building and rents it out there is substantial and consistent income. Although, there are other responsibilities that come with owning commercial property. There are rules and regulations, taxes and maintenance. Still, if you are informed and prepared it should be no problem. Paris Group Realty, LLC has a team of real estate agents that are well educated and experienced in the field of commercial real estate and all the financial and other aspects that goes with it.

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