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Posted on by Paris Group Realty, LLC
house framing

My dad used to take me to his construction sites when I was little.  I mean really little.  Picture a five-year old in her Sunday dress, walking around a newly framed house.  Oh, and I loved it.  I loved the smell of  just milled wood.  It smelled like possibility.

I loved gallivanting around this “un-house” house, imagining what the final structure would look like.  I loved walking in between the framed structure- “Look Dad, I can walk through walls!”

I loved listening to my dad explain the layout of each room and imagining what it would look like. The bathroom here, the bedroom and closet there, the kitchen here.  How fascinating for a child- watching this imagined thing become a reality.  What a powerful example of manifestation-this idea that would become a house.



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