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Professional & Amazing

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Michael is AMAZING, and his working style is PROFESSIONAL. He helped us with the process of purchasing a house in SE Portland.
How AMAZING he is? We “incidentally” know Michael after we “accidentally” made a few clicks on Zillow. He contacted us, and our purchasing story had begun. Our first impression of Michael is that he is very enthusiastic. We could feel he is trustful and responsible after talking with him on the phone. None of the other real estate agents that we know give us the feeling like this. Michael is unique by his quick scheduling tour to look at the houses that we want. We remember that we emailed Michael at around 9-10 pm, saying that we want to look at 4 houses, and in the next morning around 11 am he was at the first house with all information about these houses printed out for us. We much appreciate his time helping us to make the tour to the houses.
How PROFESSIONAL he is? He possesses a high technology skill that makes all our paper works e-signed. This is very convenient and saved us a lot of time. He possesses the strong negotiating skill to help us make an offer and negotiate for repair with sellers. Besides, he is very useful in helping us contact a home inspector and helping us get a good bid for repair. We love Michael, and we love his working style.



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