Blog :: 03-2015

Highlighted Client of the month!

Lasse 2933 SE 17thLasse found me through Zillow and already had a home in mind.  He was pre-approved for a conventional loan, but the listing agent on the house listed it as "cash only".

This is a common occurrence in real estate; the listing agent often makes an assumption about the property's lendability without ever talking to a lender.  In this case, the listing agent felt the stand alone gas heater (that wasn't currently working) in the main floor living room wasn't enough to qualify as a "heat source".  (Most all lenders require the property have a heat source.)

Over the course of the transaction, we were able to get an HVAC contractor to the property and have the unit tuned up (they found a bird's nest in it, which is why it wasn't working!)   We had the gas turned on just in time for the appraiser to come out and inspect the property.

The appraiser had no problem with the unit, and considered it a heat source for the loan.  Lasse was able to purchase a centrally located property, without dealing with a huge amount of competition from other buyers, because the listing agent improperly listed the house.

Just another example of a happy client!  Let me know if you'd like to join the growing ranks of my happy clients;  I'd love to help.

Spring cleaning isn't just for your closet!

moss roofSpring cleaning isn't just for your closet!  Spring is a great time to get out and inspect the major systems of your property and check to make sure they are in good working order.

Let's start with the roof: do you see any missing or damaged shingles?  How about metal flashing around the chimneys?  Is that still intact?  If you have any roofing issues you can see, let me know.  I have plenty of roofing contractors I can refer you to.

And now the exterior.  What does the siding look like?  Do you see any bubbling paint or gaps in the siding?  How about any mud tubes? (these are an indication of termites).  If it's wood, push it with your finger.  Does it feel soft?  Any issues you see with your siding, write it down and make a plan to fix it over the next few months.

Now look at your foundation.  Do you see any cracks?  A few hairline cracks are normal, but make a note of them and check them in November to make sure their size hasn't changed.

Let's look in your attic.  Do you see any areas that look wet?  How does it smell?  It should be dry and have no odor.

Additionally, check under your sinks and around your toilets and showers.  Do you see any indication of water leaks?  Any moisture?  Check around the tubs and sinks to make sure the gaps are caulked.

Finally, check the basement: this should be the location of most of your systems.  Can you see your hot water heater?  Your plumbing drain lines?  Your plumbing supply lines? Look them over for any leaks.  Change the filter in your furnace.  Check and see if your furnace needs to be serviced (ideally, you should service your furnace every year).

As always, I'm here to help with any advice or recommendations you need for contractors for a particular problem.  I want to make sure your biggest asset stays in good working order.  Feel free to reach out to me if you need a referral.