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Posted on by Paris Group Realty, LLC
Real estate agent handing house keys to couple

Connor and Olivia were a young, industrious couple I met last summer.  They were excited to get into property management and had done their homework.  Connor’s Dad, Kevin, was willing to help them with their down payment, and after seeing several properties:  duplexes, triplexes and single family houses, we settled on a four plex that needed some love.  The seller had owned it for too long, and had let too much go on it: the roof leaked, there were leaks in the basement, it even had a leaking gas stove!

As soon as we closed, Connor and Olivia took on the project and I’m happy to report they’re in the process of fixing all the deferred maintenance.  They’ve also kept all the pre-existing tenants, too, who are so excited to have landlords who care about the property.  It’s so great to see new owners who care and are improving their property and the lives of people in their community.



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