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Dear Claire, Taking care of aged loved ones through housing

Posted on by Paris Group Realty, LLC

Today we’re going to talk about aging in place and it’s a real issue for a lot of people – trying to stay in their homes and maintain their home. So first thing you should do is have the conversation. If have parents that are aging just facilitate the conversation start talking to them about it, because this isn’t going to be solved in one conversation. There is a huge community out there of resources available to you – please reach to me for more information. There’s websites that can check in on people or workers to provide home health care to help them age in place. We could also facilitate getting a property if it needs to be one level so it is easier to stay there longer there. There’s even programs that will help you pay for your property taxes, if those are too expensive and you just can’t maintain them.

So please reach out for any assistance with referrals, or with any additional questions. I will see you next week. Take care.

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